About Us


Aunt Elsie’s Homestays & Educational Services Agency™ offers a “Home away from home” experience to international students, traveling families, guests, and individuals who come to the USA to study English, vacation, or otherwise interact with Americans. Our guests are placed in the homes of American families who are interested in hosting international visitors. These families are individually selected and screened, and are ready to open their homes and hearts for friendship and companionship to the incoming international visitors. There is no better way to Share your Culture, and your World.

AEHS fosters diversity in the workplace and in our community. We have been in business for over ten years, and have enriched the knowledge of our international guests by working with many colleges and universities, such as Rutgers University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Bergen Community College and Middlesex County College. We have also worked with many high schools, community groups and governmental institutions such as The American Red Cross and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Our homestay families are comprised of a multiethnic background. Each homestay family brings the rich mossaic of the american cullture, providing a rich insight, understanding, and perspectives shaped by the ethnicities and cultures of their families and upbringings.

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The High School Oscars “High school literally rolled out the red carpet today as students arrived in limos and buses before heading off to prom. The students walked down the runway (the driveway leading to the picturesque high school) as dozens of borough residents snapped pictures of the promenade.”

high school prom pic