• A safe, clean and comfortable homestay with a modest bedroom
  • Fully furnished room, comes with everything you need (sheets, towels, desk, internet access and more)
  • Two meals provided each day by the host family (no cooking or buying groceries) that includes a self-prepared continental breakfast & dinner served by the host family, and school meals/snacks…
  • Convenient bus stops within walking distance or up to 15 minutes -25 minutes bus ride from homestay to school
  • A friendly home environment, kind and caring families
  • Savings that can bring peace of mind with more time to study and relax
  • Close to major shopping malls, movie theater, restaurants and lounge
  • The comfort of safety: we carefully screen and evaluate each host family prior to placing them in our host family network to ensure that our high standards are met
  • Diversity: our families represent many different kinds of American lifestyles, and homestays can include retired people, single professionals and couples with children, among others


  • Airport pick-up/drop off service and moving transportation available for additional fees
  • Counseling & support while adjusting to American culture
  • Round-the-clock availability in the case of an emergency


  • Short-term stay prices are different for each week
  • 7 days stay, 14 days stay & 21 days stay
  • Special group or summer group prices vary depending on schedules
  • High school students are priced differently depending on the request
  • Long-term stays available include seasonal programs, yearly programs, or others based on the exact nature of the traveler’s request